31st October 2018

31-October-2017 18:00
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I have been a big supporter of Polydora’s from day one and have had to constantly tell one share holder not to despair and that he is better than what we have seen to date and that I just need to get him right. Admittedly, he disappointed us last year but had his reasons. I lost the new kitchen floor on him at Market Rasen. Today he didn’t let any of us down and won nicely at Chepstow. One owner got 40-1 and the rest of us were happy with 33’s and 25’s. I enjoy every winner but this one is a little more special given the difficulties the horse has had to overcome and the group of people who own him.


John and Liz Wills have been big supporters of mine. I’ve have had horses for them since I set up the business. Sophie hasn’t let me forget the day Trouble Digger arrived in the yard. She was in labour with Sholto and the horse was due to arrive at 4 p.m. I apparently, which I find hard to believe, told her to hurry up that a horse was arriving. John King has previously had two disappointing horses with me but even so has remained loyal for which I am most grateful. Polydora needs to build on todays performance and will hopefully give us all many more fun days out. He even got to enjoy a well earnt hour in the field before bed.

This morning, Sword of Fate, Kateson, Luck of the Legion, David John, Jester Jet and Thomas Patrick worked on the woodchip having cantered around the sand. Cora Sundrop had a blow on the woodchip. All the others cantered around the sand and up the hill. The 3 year olds are slowly having to increase their work load without being pressurized.

Cora Sundrop goes all the way to Fakenham tomorrow.

Sword of Fate went up 3lbs for standing his his box which is always annoying but out of our control. David’s Phoebe got an opening mark of 108.

I’m off to bed as a lot of work has to be done before heading off to Fakenham in the morning.