31st January 2018

31-January-2018 17:10
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En Meme Temps 4 year old by Saddler Maker

Where has January gone.

Kimberlite Candy is fine after his trip north to Newcastle yesterday and spent the day in the paddock.

Tom Scudamore came in this morning and helped with some schooling, Isle of Ewe, Colt Lightning, He’s a Goer, Dorking Cock and En Meme Temps all schooled over hurdles.

Isle of Ewe

Those that worked yesterday had a couple of quiet canters up the woodchip. The woodchip gallop, as any needs maintaining and £10,000 worth of wood chip has been ordered to keep the depth at a safe level. It will hopefully be delivered in the next couple of weeks. The rest of the horses cantered a couple of miles around the deep sand gallop, all appaer to be in good form.