30th December 2019

30-December-2019 18:08
in General
by Admin

The weekend runners are all in good shape. This morning was a Monday so typical canters excluding JohnBB and Quick Draw who did a little more. 


No motorways tomorrow, I seem have been on the receiving end of the migration south after Christmas and now those migrating for New Year. 


The general feeling is that Thomas Patrick is saving plenty for himself, I think the jockey will need a little assistance with some head gear next time in the hope Thomas Patrick becomes more positive and willing. He has had every veterinary examination possible and nothing physical is visible, so we will try something different next time.


I’m not one to bleat about owners/trainers restaurants of late as there has been so much improvement in so many. However, the facility at Haydock this afternoon was nothing short of terrible. People were queuing for forty-five minuets for some pretty average food. Racecourses fail to realize that some owners, on occasions, when faced with options of where horses run will often choose the track they know they will get the best experience. On my last three visits to Haydock the facility has been very poor.