30th October 2020

30-October-2020 17:50
in General
by Admin

This morning we worked JohnBB, Yes No Maybe So, Lagonda, Polydora, Velasco and Nocte Volatus. Many of the others put in a mile on the sand followed by a swinging canter up the hill. Glory and Fortune and Dorking Boy jumped some fences, Sebastopol and Le Grand Fromage jumped some hurdles.


Uttoxeter seemed to have plenty of owners in attendance today, I have noticed that when a number of owners attend there is far more of an atmosphere around the place. We all know it is not ideal but it is better than nothing. Uttoxeter looked after the staff very well today. Although basic, there was plenty of hot food available, I’m sure it was much appreciated by lads and lasses who haven’t stopped since before 6 a.m. The owners seemed to be up in a restaurant above the grandstand so I have no doubt they too were looked after well. 


Pounding Poet didn’t disgrace himself, his bumper form has not worked out and he’s a slow maturing horse. Gold Clermont will benefit form the experience, she raced on and off the bridle again and lost her place at a critical time during the race. Pirate of the Sea was taken off his feet in the bumper. Bumpers are becoming a sore subject around here. As they do so often in theses races, I had hoped that they would crawl allowing him the chance to warm to the challenge. It wasn’t to be, they absolutely went hell for leather and many horses were found wanting. When you want a gallop in a bumper they crawl and when you want a crawl they go mad. I have always maintained, no on knows what they will get in a bumper until it is over. 


Tomorrow Le Grand Fromage, Dorking Boy and Sebastopol head to Ascot tomorrow. To read my thoughts click here.