30th October 2019

30-October-2019 18:05
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by Admin

Huge team effort this morning, many of who’s alarms would have been set around 3 – 3.30 a.m. as we took a number of horses for an away day. I’m pleased to report there were some surprises as well as disappointments but on the whole it all went off as we had expected.


By Order of jumped better but still hasn’t a clue what racing is all about, he is one of those horses who is always on the bridle at home. We have spent our lives trying to teach him to settle hence he’s never outside of his comfort zone at home and ends up totally lost on the course. It will all slot into place for him one day but for the time being he has a long way to go. On a positive note, he jumped more like what we have witnessed at home since the age of three. 


I had to turn my hand to road side recovery this evening, you can take the man out of the bog but not the bog out of the man.