30th May 2016

30-May-2016 16:59
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by Admin

Sri Lanka have been disappointing, there is nothing more exciting than a close test match. Victory was always going England’s way after day 1. On Saturday I donned the whites for the first time in 12 years for Woolhope village team. I certainly felt a little sore yesterday having bowled 3 overs as if I was 19. My batting started well but finished fairly quickly. I tried to hit ever ball into the next parish which doesn’t bode well for long innings. Although, I felt the umpire was intimidated by the loud appeal for LBW when I was too far down the wicket for a decision to be made. The highlight of the afternoon was a son giving his father out LBW when he was even further down the wicket than me. His bat went flying as did his gloves and the death stares from the pavilion were hilarious. After the match, he did apologise to everyone for his childish behaviour and a family hug was called upon.

We have nothing but babies to go on with at the moment. They are now all going nicely in the ménage. That is where they will stay for at least another fortnight, I like them all mouthed, balanced and tracking up before they go out onto the farm. They have their whole lives ahead of them and rushing any stage of the breaking in process is no advantage to anyone, least of all the horses. 

New Member, a horse I bought to have on the shelf at Doncaster May sales has been sold to a new syndicate headed up by Guy Roberts. I have known Guy for a while now having sold him Kaybeew who won 4 races for him. New Member will now head out to summer grass.