29th October 2021

29-October-2021 18:14
in General
by Admin

Routine canters for most of the horses around the sand and up the hill this morning. JohnBB, Lossiemouth, Highstakesplayer, Quick Draw and Hesque De L’isle all had little blows before their outings tomorrow. To read my thoughts click here.


Although, we didn’t trouble the judge at Uttoxeter this afternoon we enjoyed it. Johnny Wills was in fine form and made his contributions to the levy backing his horses at huge prices. Both horses are young and are like little and large. Roger Rarebit is a huge horse who has a big frame to fill, once he develops and fills that frame, he will win races. Kishorn is tiny with a big heart and raced over enthusiastically before finishing tired. She will have to learn to calm her jets before she sees out any trip. 


I’ve a lot to sort this evening as well as look at alternatives routes to Ascot should Greta Thunberg decide to glue her face to the M25.