29th October 2020

29-October-2020 16:19
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by Admin

Christopher Robin and Glory and Honour are both in good shape this morning.


Quiet canters for the majority of the horses this morning, those that worked yesterday went quietly up the hill, Scipion and Algesiras worked, Pounding Poet and Sinndarella jumped eight hurdles. 


I was sad to hear the news of Elaine Carson dying, I have known Elaine and Willie for a longtime, they used to come and hunt with us when I was a child and often stayed on for a liquid tea. Elaine was a fearless rider and always looked very eloquent on a horse. I hadn’t seen her since my childhood until 2004 when our paths crossed again, since then we often bumped into each other at the sales. I last saw in her Newmarket a couple of years ago and remember telling Sophie how ill she looked. She was a lovely lady who did more for people than many will know about. I shall miss seeing her around and chatting as I am sure everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her will too. 


Tomorrow Pounding Poet, Gold Clermont and Pirate of the Sea head to Uttoxeter. To read my thoughts click here