29th September 2017

29-September-2017 19:05
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by Admin

We haven’t lacked drama here over the last 48 hours. At 10.30 last night we had the vet out to a horse with colic. Thankfully he responded to the medication, however, he needed checking throughout the night - I feel a little ropy to say the least.

This morning a filly was coming back into training and decided to attempt suicide in the owner’s lorry jumping over the breast bar and getting stuck in the personnel door. It sounded horrific. 4 fire engines, vets and police attended the scene. It took 2 hours for one of the emergency services to arrive and free the filly. There was the treat of an arrest to one of the guys transportiing her after he expressed his feeling towards them. Thankfully, the filly has nothing but superficial grazes on her legs and no one was hurt. All too often we hear of horses going over breast bars and surely, it is time that tube style lorries become compulsory. We went to collect here form a nearby farm this afternoon, she walked straight up into our lorry and seemed not too bothered by the whole episode. Remarkable.

A tubed lorry below, with no breast bar.


This morning we got soaked. David’s Phoebe popped over 6 hurdles on the grass, she heads to Market Rasen tomorrow and will need to take her A game to turn the form around with others. Snapdragon Fire run in the bumper at the same meeting, both horses are well and should give a good account of themselves.

We worked Kimberlite Candy, Polydora, Mary Eleanor, Cora Sundrop, David John, Equus Amadeus and Triopas. The others all had varying levels of cantering around the sand or up the hill.

I will be home too late tomorrow have a good weekend.