29th September 2016

29-September-2016 18:51
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Routine canters for all horses this morning, some did more than others. All seem to be well in themselves.

The Willie Mullins Gigginstown story seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s conversation. It is pretty simple really and no one is wrong. Willie charges X to train a horse and an owner has a choice whether or not they choose to pay it. Both parties have a view and an agreement can’t be reached for now. I have always been in awe of what Willie Mullins achieves and have even more respect for him now. Sometimes in life, it isn’t about money, it is about principals and Willie is a man who clearly has them in spades. At least a dozen times a year someone will ring me and ask what I charge for a horse in training, I tell them and they tell me they can have their horse trained by X for X. I am yet to agree to meet X’s price and the potential owner has a choice. At least, I have one thing in common with Willie Mullins. When I set up in business I was fortunate to get some words of wisdom off someone I respect and I haven’t forgotten them either.

Pay your bills and get yours paid on time!

If someone asks you what you charge a day, you probably don’t want their horse anyway. It is only a matter of time before they move onto the next deal.

With better internet speed tonight, I am able to upload more photos from yesterday.

Kimberlite Candy

Agamememon, Russian Service and Kimberlite Candy - they were going so fast my camera couldn't cope!

Amalfi Doug

PInnalce Panda and Chase End Charlie