29th July 2016

29-July-2016 19:21
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by Admin

Gabriel Oats seems to have come out of his race in fine form, he spent the day in the field. Andrew King, the Racing Post reporter was probably at home drinking tea by 5p.m. It is hugely disappointing for any owner not to find a mention of their horse in the Racing post following a win. It all adds to the occasion. Come on Andrew, share the love. Without owners we don’t have racing.

A few members of the Pudlicote Partnership were here this morning to see the horses.  They certainly seemed to like what they saw. Reports have it that Boagrius was the most popular horse amongst the members of Million in Mind partners at their parade of horses last Sunday. The digger was sorting drains around the place so we had them all across the lawn en route to the paddocks.

This afternoon, I took my dog Puzzle to be put down, she had a wonderful life but sadly age caught up with her. She was put to sleep in my arms, I dug her a grave on a bank in the garden and buried her. She was a dear dog and will be missed greatly. Feeding the others will never be the same again, Puzzle loved her food and would knock everything flying on a daily basis in her quest to fill her belly.