28th November 2018

28-November-2018 16:39
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I think we can confidently say He’s a Goer must go left handed. That is fine and we have answered any questions we had. 


Richard Johnson and Tom Scudamore where here this morning to school Thomas Patrick and Kateson. We schooled Polydora, Alberto’s Dream, Benvolio and Equus Amadeus over fences. Hazzaar, JohnBB and a heap of unnamed 3 year olds schooled over hurdles. There is no worse feeling than horses getting injured and sadly, we experienced it this morning with a young horse. He is now at the vets and hopefully will make a full recovery, it will be 12 months minimum and he will get whatever he needs.


L’Incorrigible makes his debut at Warwick tomorrow. He is a very forward going horse who may need a couple of runs to learn what it is all about. Of course, we want him to win but he won’t be knocked about to do so, he’s young and has his whole life ahead of him. 


Sales of The Times will be through the roof on Saturday so reserve your copies on Friday! I spent a happy hour after He’s a Goer’s race with Mark Souster talking about Thomas Patrick and International rugby.