28th October 2020

28-October-2020 17:12
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by Admin

Grizzman and Thais Toir are both fine this morning.


This morning we worked Kateson, Hazzaar, Adrimel, Thomas Patrick, Highstakesplayer, King Ferdinand, Kimberlite Candy and Marty Time. The other horses had quiet canters, Pounding Poet and Le Grand Fromage jumped a few hurdles. 


Taunton seemed to be in its own micro climate today, I drove there is pouring rain, arrived to sunshine, left in sunshine only to find the train again when I was twenty miles north of Taunton. 


Christopher Robin’s day didn’t start or finish well, he was rescued by us forty minuets in to his journey by one of our other lorries. The lorry he was travelling in decided to go into limp mode. He then he got an almighty fall at the second hurdle, he no doubt wished he’d stayed in limp mode and missed the race. His jumping has been incredibly solid since he arrived here, today something took his mind off the job in hand and he looked to fling himself at the hurdle before crashing out. Someone told me that a shadow could possibly have been the cause but who knows. He seemed fine afterwards and will be checked over by the physio before we think about where we go next. Glory and Honour ran a very respectable race and reminded me yet again how much experience counts. He will have his days, the first one won’t be too far away. 


No runners tomorrow so an opportunity to catch our breath.