28th September 2020

28-September-2020 17:10
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Typical Monday morning canters yet again, how the weeks fly by is just scary. Christopher Robin had a little blow in preparation for his outing to Bangor tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.


We were very pleased to see Sebastopol, Hazzaar and Sinndarella who returned in training today. 


The horses have one of their winter rugs on and today we went back to working winter hours, the only change is that we don’t have three hours doing very little in the afternoons. An hour for lunch and back at it until we feed at six in the evenings. The lads get the rest of the day to themselves after four and it seems to work really well. 


A couple of months ago a new Turkish barber opened in our local market town. Today, I ventured in to it. Having one’s hair cut by someone who doesn’t speak your language is always a pleasure, no on has been on holiday or likely to be going so the conversation was as I like it, non existent. We established I wanted my hair cut and did not want a shave but I did however want my ear and nose hair to be dealt with. I was very happy with the hair cut itself but wasn’t expecting to have boiling hot wax applied to my ears and shoved up my nose with some form of cotton bud dangling out of each nostril and off each ear. Once the wax had cooled the inevitable had to happen. He eased the edge of the wax by tugging on the cotton bud before peeling the rest off my ears, the same principle applied to my nasal hair only he didn’t peel the wax he yanked it out. He then gleefully held the cotton bud to my face showing me what had been removed from my nostril before repeating the process with nostril number two. His English was good enough to ask me if I wanted to cry. I explained I was more inclined to slap him than cry before paying and leaving the shop with my hair sufficiently gelled like concrete. On returning home, Panda our youngest daughter asked after my whereabouts as I smelt of perfume, I removed my bobble hat only for her eyes to open incredibly wide.