28th September 2018

28-September-2018 17:00
in General
by Admin

Quite canters for all horses this morning, given this weather we are going to have to be patient and be aware of getting ahead of ourselves with a few of them. The sun has been splitting the stones during the day in Hereford and the nights cold, I don’t think it ideal weather conditions for horses. One night they need sheets the next heavy winter rugs. 


There is little else to report, I seem to have spent more time on the computer over the last 24 hours as we are sending Vivant to Angers in France on Wednesday for racing on Friday. Ferry bookings and the rest of the forms that have to be filled out take time, luckily, I am able to call on LRT for assistance. We also have to provide copies of all the paper work relating to the lorry and the drivers. I dread to think what forms will need filling in when we finally leave the EU.  


During the summer I have contributed to various horses to follow publications, OneJumpAhead by Mark Howard and Jumping Prospects by John Morris, both are now published and for sale. They make interesting reading and are very well priced. Both publications deserve to make plenty of sales as the endless hours of work that goes into them is testament to the content.