28th September 2016

28-September-2016 19:32
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We schooled plenty of horses this morning, Richard Johnson was in to give us a hand and sit on some that we hope he will ride at some point through the winter. All the horses jumped great, a few jumping fences for the first time in 12 months. Richard sat on Polydora, Agamememon, Kimberlite Candy, Shining Shire, Bells on Sunday, Chase End Charlie, Pinnacle Panda and Brandon Hill. There was a bit of swapping of jockeys allowing him a spin on as many as possible. 

The assistant trainer watched over proceeding. Richard very kindly invited us to his Championship party a couple of weeks ago - some party it was too. The assistant got the invitation signed this morning which has made his day! He wore his boots and helmet in case we needed him to ride one. 

Much to mine and Richard Johnson’s surprise Gabriel Oats didn’t get home. Richard produced him perfectly to come and win the race but he just didn’t see out the trip. We will drop him back in trip and see where we are after that. In my experience, Bangor is a deceivingly stiff track and will find you out.  All being well, we will look to find him another opportunity in 10 days time.

Apoligise for the lack of photos but the internet is painfully slow tonight, it has taken 50 minuets to upload 4!

Chase End Charlie


Amalfi Doug 

 Brandon Hill