28th August 2018

28-August-2018 18:37
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by Admin

The majority of the horses are as forward as we need them to be at this time of year, their work load is increasing week on week. Vado Forte, Kateson, En Meme Temps, He’s a Goer, Thomas Patrick, Sebastopol, Dorking Boy, Dorking Cock, Meep Meep, Polydora, Jester Jet, Coningsby, Equus Amadeus, Megan’s Choice, Espinator and unnamed horses by Makfi, Flemensfirth and Stowaway all cantered around the sand before doing a couple of quicker than they have been canters up the hill. There is an awful lot to look forward to this winter and we will be ready to get a few out and about when the ground comes. 


The BHA did have a bad day yesterday. Firstly, the cock up sending testers to Epsom on their annual open day. Secondly, they fined a member of staff from another yard for squirting water at a horse who was reluctant to canter down to the start. Sure, the rule says you can’t encourage a horse to the start but common sense needs to come to the fore in situations like this. The lad did a great job, the expenses for owners on race days are substantial and no harm was done by squirting water at the horse. As a result of his actions the horse cantered down without further complaint. I appreciate, whips in such a case are unacceptable and no one wants to see that. After all, it is going to get buckets of the stuff thrown over it after the race. I don’t know what complaints punters would have had had there been a rule implemented on the withdrawal of a horse. The whole thing seems ludicrous given the circumstances and those working with horses day in day out know what actions are acceptable on a racecourse and at home.