28th July 2020

28-July-2020 20:18
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by Admin

Naturally we were all disappointed Black Anthem didn’t manage to back up under a penalty yesterday, the race was messy and wasn’t run to suit us and he was just gunned down after the last. He’s bucking in the field this morning and will take his chance back over hurdles on Thursday at Southwell. Life gets tougher for him going forward as he’s going to be 9lbs worse off. Quite why the handicapper felt the need to put him up 9lbs over hurdles is confusing and in my opinion ridiculous. It is another example of someone’s lack of understanding between fences and hurdles. 


Thankfully, the Goffs store sale seems to be a very good trade. The select horses who relocated to Doncaster from Ireland yesterday sold very well. Naturally, that is good for the industry and proves that a demand for horses is still there. I wonder if the trade for horses allows those in power to believe that they can get away with running racing as they do. People continue to bleat about the poor prize money and lack of opportunity but continue to invest in horses. It’s been a long day. 


Piano Stairs heads to Bangor tomorrow, to read my thoughts on him and Black Anthem at Southwell click here.