28th March 2020

28-March-2020 17:47
in General
by Admin

Yesterdays news of a return to racing in May was welcome news although, I fear it is somewhat optimistic given the current crisis. 


Little to report this end, we are continuing to train half a dozen for the summer and a couple for the flat. Otherwise, the horses are just lobbing away waiting for the weather to change. They have lost their rugs day and night and are having to cope in harder weather conditions than normal. Given the cold weather we have been able to keep stuffing the feed into them without too many lose ones. 


My birthday has been nice and quiet and will remain that way, Chris Maude and I concluded that we’ve both been longing for social distancing and isolation for near on 25 years. 


I saw the fist of my predictions come true on social media the other day when a fella doing a bit of DIY took the top of his finger off with a hammer!


Have a good weekend.