28th March 2016

28-March-2016 19:50
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by Admin

Bells on Sunday made my birthday even more enjoyable, especially as I took the 5-1 early this morning. Everything fell into place, the rain came down in spades last night and there was plenty of pace on in the race. Even a rainbow came out in celebration. She has done everything asked of her to date and is an exciting filly to have in training.


Pinnacle Peter on the other hand, didn’t deliver. He will now go to Doncaster May sales. Someone will buy a cheap horse, he’s still a frame and will be fine when he’s fully furnished. He needs another summer under his belt. We have a policy with the sales horses and I’m afraid he will have to go now.  

This morning all horses had typical Monday morning canters. Tomorrow I will be making my first visit to Hexham. Isle of Ewe runs there in the bumper and I hope the yard form continues. It will be a long drive but I need to be here to work the weekends runners. Frank will set off early with Isle and I will follow in the car.

I was delighted to see Emily Gray win at Fairyhouse, she is owned by John Perriss who has bought a couple of horses off us, John has suffered miserably with his health over the last few years and that was surely some tonic. John ploughs his money and heart into his horses and deserves all the success he gets. John owns Sugar Loaf Sholto who is entered to run on Friday, coincidently, it is Sholto’s birthday on Friday. Sholto announced that if Sugar Loaf won on Friday it would be the best birthday present ever. No pressure Kim! You could be held responsible for spoiling a 10 year olds birthday.