28th February 2017

28-February-2017 19:24
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Pinnacle Peter was a non runner due to the rain at Leicester overnight. We worked Vado Forte, Midnight Monty, Black Bow, Equus Amadeus, Black Bow and Sword of Fate. Mary Eleanor had a nice blow on the hill, she may go to Newbury on Friday and Vado Forte may also go to Newbury on Saturday. All the horses seem in good shape. However, this is a funny time of year for horses, many changes take place at this time for them. It is to do with Circadian Rhythms – tell them when to wake etc according to the daylight hours, this can be a stressful time for horses and it is all closely associated with the release of hormones cortisol (stress hormone) and serotonin (consciousness). Seasonal changes impact many body systems including mine. Hence why they always look so amazing in the Spring, they have come through all theses changes and come out the other side.