28th January 2020

28-January-2020 16:44
in General
by Admin

We worked Adrimel, Dorking Cock, Sebastopol, Thais Toir and Neville’s Cross this morning, all others had routine canters around the sand and up the hill. I’m getting to the point of parking some horses as there seems to be no let up with this weather.  The babies that went away from home yesterday had a quiet hack around the place.


The famous, Horse in Training book is now going digital, the IT person who devised it for editing must have a much more complex brain than my very simple one. If you want your horses and owners to be visible you have to select the “hide” button. I would have thought one would select the ‘show” button but that’s too simple. Maybe I’m just a bit thicker than I originally thought. To add insult to injury I didn’t understand his analogy of it being like “push pull” when editing!  I told him that it’s f-ing stupid and that I now had to go back and do it all again.  I’m not sure he really cared but it made me feel better having spent thirty minuets thinking I was editing it only to have to go back over it all again telling it to hide names I wanted displayed! Some people are too bright for their own good.