27th September 2017

27-September-2017 18:17
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Sword of Fate has come home in great nick, he has an entry on 8th October in a maiden hurdle at Uttoxeter. If he is grubbing and happy he will go, I’m never afraid to run horses back quickly if they are well, especially when they’ve run over 2 miles. The horses tell me how they are feeling and we will plan their runs accordingly.   

Quiet canters for most this morning having worked yesterday.

Eddie Jones who would be top of my dinner guests should I ever get asked to do a “what did you have for breakfast” thing in the Racing Post speaks about “competitive desire”.

It is hardly surprising, that we, as a nation, lack it. Given the nanny state we are all forced to live in. In school you can’t have winners and losers as someone is likely to be offended, in life you have 3 types of people. Those that make it happen, those that watch it happen and those that say “how the F**K did that happen”. Now the do gooders wish to ban contact rugby up until the age of 18. Pathetic, they want locking up and the key throwing away, who pays theses idiots? Probably, the tax payer. Soft ball cricket next until the age of 18!

We will become a nation of useless digital heroin addicts.