27th August 2016

27-August-2016 18:13
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by Admin

Isle of Ewe and Katie Kilminster swung through on the woodchip this morning. Both fillies are well, the ground will play its part in our decision making for Katie Kilminster and we will see what is likely to run in Isle of Ewe’s race. She will have another school tomorrow.

The older horses had a couple of canters up the woodchip and the babies just 1. They have all done enough this week. We seem to have missed the thunder storms and managed to get all the horses out in the field for the day.

I have watched a bit of the one day international this afternoon, umpires don’t seem to have a job any longer apart form controlling the sledging. There was an appeal for a run out of Ali, he was past the stumps yet the square leg umpire still went upstairs.

I had hoped to finish the mowing that I started last night but we’ve had sufficient rain to stall that. The children and their ponies have destroyed my croquet lawn!