27th June 2016

27-June-2016 13:20
in General
by Admin

Finally, we have some internet. After many trips up to the ridge I have got our private supply back working. Topping up credit isn’t as easy as you may think. Once you buy the credit you then have to allocate it and unless your told so you’d have no idea. Well, for the moment it is working and I can catch up on paper work and many other day to day things one uses the internet for. As for BT telling us there is nothing wrong with our line perhaps they could explain the deadly silence it produces.

The 3 year olds we bought in Goffs are now all riding nicely around the ménage, they will stay there for a while longer before going out and about.

Last weeks Derby Sale was a record breaker, after day 1’s trade panic was starting to set in. I imagined a bleak winter with no babies to produce. We bought Lot 3 on day 1 and didn’t get near another for the rest of the day. Day 2 was more fruitful and we secured 5 more. Lot 214, 241,273,289 and 331. Lot 48, a 3-year-old by the very exciting Walk In The Park was bought for a new client, all being well he will race before being re-offered again next Spring. I know nothing about politics but think the sales results may have been a little different had the referendum been on Monday rather that Thursday.

The Pudlicote Partnership has 11 horses to go to battle with this time around and has shown a healthy return on investment over the last 5 years. Had the money been invested in a FTSE tracker over the same period, the profit to date would have been zilch!

The Derby Sale horses are all long reining in tack, some have been lent over, others sat on. Sales horses generally have had enough of lunging/driving during their preparation for the sale and need new challenges. Some naturally move along through the process quicker than others. We have another challenge in Go West Young Man who has been sent here for a little boot camp. On day one he played beautifully into our hands and the challenge began. I’d say we are up on points at the moment. Having witnessed his antics at Aintree a few weeks back it was always going to be fun!