27th march 2017

27-March-2017 19:00
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How quickly has the ground dried up, amazing. Had Black Bow been in the last race yesterday I may not even have ran him, the ground went from good, good to soft to good to firm by the time the last race went ahead. Black Bow won the short maiden nicely and will now go for the hammer. He pulled very hard and to win in the fashion he did having pulled so hard was mightily impressive. I think, had the race been run at a faster gallop he would have won even more impressive to the eye.

Ledbury Hunt Point-to-Point now known as Gloucester Races was a huge success, I can’t recall seeing a crowd so big at a p2p for a while. The weather was beautiful, plenty of good racing, heaps of trade stands, ferret racing, falconry, bouncy castle and much more for the whole family to enjoy. It reminded me of my childhood at point to points, kids everywhere playing rugby, football, standing on car roofs etc etc. The only thing missing for the kids was having to push cars out earning a few quid in doing so. The organizers of Gloucester Races have proved with the Heythrop that, if people are willing to give of their time a p2p can be organized and run with huge success. The Heythrop have led the way and they stage theirs this Sunday. If its anything like the last 2 years, it will be well supported again. Please get along and support them, a lot of time and money has gone into their new course. It is a fantastically good viewing track and there will be plenty of things going on for all to enjoy.

Mondays come around far too fast, routine canters for most horses. We capitalized on the glorious weather and power harrowed 6 bales of carpet fibre into the jumping lane having spread it with a straw chopper before moving onto doing the same along the track home from the gallop.

Sholto has been out lambing all day with Mrs Trea, if he wasn’t such a homing pigeon, I’d wonder if we would see him again until the last lamb is born. I’m sure he will be home before long to tell me all about it.