27th February 2019

27-February-2019 15:57
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by Admin

Summer continues, I wonder if there will be a price to pay for this. I am right in thinking there’s some sort of expression along the lines of “March in like a lamb and out like a lion”.


Nothing too strenuous for any of the horses this morning, the vast majority cantered twice up the hill and those in weight watchers or too fresh three times.


Jerry and Herbie, (sound like cartoon characters) where here to see their Galloping on the South Downs horses before heading to the pub for a bit of ham egg and chips for lunch. Characters they are and they certainly know how to enjoy themselves. The swear box in the pub was full within minuets of arrival. I dread to think what caption will be added on twitter this evening given Jerry was photographed kissing Dorking Cock. They enjoy naming their horses and some of those in the pipeline may raise a few eyebrows. 


I was asked to do a Cheltenham evening preview at Hereford racecourse this evening and agreed to stand in if they could not find a more suitable guest for their panel. It clearly fell on deaf ears. Trainers and jockeys are possibly the worse tipters and I'm sure form fanatics could give a better insight into the likely results than me. Dickie Johnson better get his backside back from Musselburgh as I’m relying on him and others to do the talking. I may even get to hear of a winner. Thankfully, the boys have headed back to Dorking avoiding any hackling from the audience. 

Snapdragonfore has been declared for Ludlow tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.