27th January 2016

27-January-2016 17:49
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by Admin

It’s a long way home from Wetherby without diverting around Nottingham due to the M18 being closed.

Both horses seem fine this morning, Rebekah Rabbit pulled a shoe and trotted up sound this evening after the farrier left. Lamanver Alchemy is a little race sore - she’s entitled to be having run on that holding ground.

This morning all the horses cantered twice up the woodchip. It was a blowy wet morning to say the least. I think we caught the tip of storm Jonas, it looks as if the West Country has been hit hard and the ground at Milbourne on Sunday will be just to our liking.

I should have been in hospital today having my wisdom tooth out. I decided I wasn't feeling brave enough today so posponed it for another day.