26th November 2015

26-November-2015 11:07
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This morning, for me, was the most important morning of the year. We introduced and schooled all the 3 year olds over a fence in the ménage. I cannot reiterate how important it is to get this right on day one, if the wheels fall off or a stupid mistake is made it can set a horse back beyond your imagination and in some cases the horse will never recover. We train jumpers and if they can’t jump they can’t compete, for me it is everything. I was fortunate to learn from Captain Charles Radclyffe that it’s the horse who has to jump the fence not the jockey, it is imperative you have the right lads in the saddle, they have to believe in the horse and portray that belief down the reins and their legs. This morning I had 2 very capable lads doing the job and every horse jumped beautifully. I am seldom happy but I feel an overwhelming happiness of how well it all went this morning. It is a personal choice but I would never send a horse to be taught to jump or have jumping lessons with a jockey on its back until it knows how to jump alone. Once they know how to do it alone a good rider will leave it to the horse. I have witnessed so called gurus telling the jockey to raise their hands off the withers just before take-off. If Captain Raddclyffe saw your hands move the expletives were heard in the village and he was a pretty good shot with the hunting crop!  He would wipe the floor with today’s so called jumping experts and I feel privileged to have been taught a method and a fraction of what that man knew in order to get horses jumping accurately and efficiently.

Sugar Loaf Sholto, Pinnacle Peter and Bells on Sunday all schooled over fences on the schooling strip.

Tomorrow we run Chase End Charlie in a bumper at Doncaster, his Bangor form was franked by Kap Rock who won at Ascot last weekend, and it could be franked again this afternoon by the 2nd horse Royalzaro who runs in the bumper at Newbury. Another interest in this afternoon’s bumper is Fly Du Charmil, he won his p2p for us last April, after which, we sold him to Warren Greatrex. We have his half-brother Fly Du Charmil here in training.  He is privately owned and should hopefully be running in a bumper in the Spring. He jumped a few fences this morning!

3 year old Benificial ex Greenhall Rambler

Cirano De Sivola 3 year old by Vendangeur

3 year old Stowaway ex Aine Dubh

First Du Charmil 3 year old Ballingarry ex Famous Member

3 Year old Flemensfirth ex Mandy's Native - love the tail! Sadly, the sun came up and I was unable to get photos of others.