26th October

26-October-2019 18:17
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Be careful what you wish for, rain was the order of the day and we certainly were challenged. The council very kindly top dressed our lane in the summer but failed to sweep it thereafter. Grit blocked all the drains on the road and when you live on the side of a hill that makes for trouble. The bottom barn was full of water this morning. Thankfully, the drains in there were just able save the stables being washed out but they were under serious pressure and the passage way resembled a duck pond. There was no let up until mid afternoon. Rain was of biblical proportions and we’ve had enough for a day or two thank you. Dams were built and hands down roadside drains before 6 A.M is not the way anyone wants to start the day. The water walk was over flowing running on to the sand gallop, the sand gallop is in need of some work before any horse goes anywhere near it again. Once day light broke I was in a ditch blocking the supply diverting it down the original ditch. The rain didn’t relent and the run off from the fields took over washing onto the sand. The hill gallop seems to be able to cope with any amount of rain and if it was ever tested it was this morning. Every horse cantered quietly up it twice as they would do most Saturday morning in the season after a busy week. Three of us had seven lots, other riders had six and I didn’t hear anyone complaining all morning. I shall be glad to get into my bed once I’ve done my evening rounds. 

Some horses were oblivious as to what was falling out of the sky. 


Wincanton have missed all of the rain and unless they get any overnight Coningsby will be pulled out, he is not a top of the ground horse and was entered and declared on the proviso the rain fell. 


Lossiemouth, heads up to Aintree, the completion is healthy. To read my thoughts click here.


The World Cup rugby couldn’t have been played in a worse time zone for anyone involved in racing and I feel as if I’ve totally missed out excluding the Wattsapp photos Sholto sends me of him sitting by a roaring fire watching the matches the last two Saturdays mornings. The results are what we want and annoyingly, I will miss the final too.