26th October 2016

26-October-2016 18:49
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3 year old by Getaway ex Global Diamond having had a hair cut. 

Mowing and strimming continues into the end of October, the dormice will struggle to phantom out when they should hibernate and daffodils will be flowering in January at this rate. It can’t be right.

Most of the horses who worked yesterday had quiet canters up the woodchip, the fatter lazier ones had to go a little bit quicker!

I read in the Racing Post about a French trainer lodging an objection against a winning rider in France who made a detour en route to weighing in to deposit a bottle of wine that he had been presented with having won the race. He reportedly, gave it to his valet at the door of the weighing room before weighing in. The jockey was technically in breach of the rules despite not setting foot in the weighing room. I hope the rival trainer feels proud of himself and choked on his vino that evening.  It reminded me of a similar incident in the UK when a trainer reported that a horse had not been with a current trainer for the 14 days prior to racing having won a race on the 13th day with the new trainer. My point is, in both cases, the result wasn’t effected by either misdemeanour. I played a lot of sport when I was younger and winning was very important indeed, but, I was taught from a young age, how to behave when winning and losing. It saddens me to read such articles and reflects badly on society today. 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the link below.