26th September 2018

26-September-2018 17:32
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He’s a Goer and Silk Run are both in good order after their runs at Warwick yesterday.  Neither will be rushed back and Silk Run may have a break if the rain sets in before we think about looking for another race for her. No sign of rain in the foreseeable future but she’ll want at least a month given she’s been busy enough. 


This morning we worked Kateson, En Meme Temps, JohnBB, Kimberlite Candy, Polydora, Jester Jet, Dorking Cock, Dorking Boy, Vado Forte, Triopas, Hazzaar and Coningsby.


Many of the 3 year olds jumped a hurdle and a fence for the first time in the ménage, the hurdle will be removed next week and 2 fences will be in there. Not one of them looked sideways or put a foot out of place, they have all gone through the same process that those before them have done.  The reason it has been so smooth this year is testament to the quality of rider we have here. We are incredibly fortunate in that we don’t have a rider in the yard that hasn’t race ridden whether it be pony racing, p2p, or under rules.