26th August 2019

26-August-2019 17:00
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by Admin

Typical Monday morning canters for the horses, well not that typical as we had three jockeys on the floor! The horses are in great nick and will soon have to start earning their supper. Flashing Glance, Equus Amadeus and Snapdragon Fire are already earning their grub. 


If you haven’t fallen in love with cricket this summer, the likelihood is we will never get along. Ben Stokes was outstanding yesterday, how he controlled the strike was just superb. The Australians were unable to capitalize on their chances as Stokes had destroyed them. The use of their last review was an act of mind blowing stupidity. We all know any game can change with one hit of a racket, a kick of a football, a pass of a ball and surprise surprise, a ball bowled. For as long as that clock is ticking decisions in sport count. If we can get our hands on a few horses with the strength and metal toughness of Ben Stokes we’ll be in a very good place. Anyone thinking of getting a nomination for sports personality of the year this time around may as well stay at home this time around.