26th August 2016

26-August-2016 18:17
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George and Libby Snell were her to see The Flame jump a few fences on the schooling strip. He didn’t let himself down and jumped beautifully. Isle of Ewe jumped 12 hurdles and also did it well, Gabriel Oats kept her company. Mary McFarlane, a member of The Racing Club popped in to watch the mornings proceedings.

Most owners are grateful of a piece of toast and coffee, not George. He moans that the milk and butter aren’t like the ones he has at home. He bored us all over breakfast with his bounty from Pokémon hunting last time he visited. George was extremely pleased with himself and only has a few to find before he has the set! I’m not sure Mary even knew what Pokémon is – she does now.

There is much being written about wage increases for staff – this is naturally a good thing and will hopefully, help to retain what staff the industry currently has. It won’t make a jot of difference to the staff shortage many trainers are experiencing. There are reports of the Jockey Club Estates constructing a 10 million pound, man made gallop on the racecourse side in Newmarket. They may want to ask themselves who is going to ride up it. The computer generated pictures show it to be well railed so perhaps trainers will have to chase their horses up it with quad bikes. I think 10 million pounds could be spent much more wisely given the well documented staff shortage within the industry.