26th April 2016

26-April-2016 18:41
in General
by Admin

Weather for all seasons today, frost, snow, sunshine and showers. The trees are starting to get a good cover of leaves and the bluebells are flourishing. Any spare moment, creosote brushes are in action and Spring is upon us. The Black Mountains have just been dumped on. Skis out tomorrow. 

Isle of Ewe and Apergillum worked on the woodchip, all the others cantered on the sand and up the woodchip. Lamanver Odyssey and Furiously Fast schooled over hurdles on the schooling strip. Furiously fast has done plenty of it, Lamanver Odyssey was experiencing it for the first time. She was willing and accurate.

Our new broadband is super fast but very greedy - £30.00 of data swallowed last night. It is not turned off and we've resorted to snail pace.