26th February 2020

26-February-2020 17:12
in General
by Admin

Quiet canters for all the horses this morning, Thomas Patrick went around the farm and over eight fences, he seems in a good place at home and I guess we will have to run him and see how he performs. He is an enigma and has undergone ever test possible, he will be gastro scoped once more just to check that ulcers aren’t present.


Coningsby will be freshened up and wait for some better ground, everyone tells me he wants deep ground but I’d like to give him a chance on some better ground. Quite why the handicapper hasn’t cut him any slack before now is nothing short of scandalous. The handicapper has no idea how many horses he takes out of winning another race with one swipe of a pencil. They go up in lumps, downs in one and two’s by which time they are fed up. If someone hit you on the end of the nose every time you walked into a pub, you would soon stop walking in.