26th January 2018

26-January-2018 18:42
in General
by Admin

Polydora is fine after his run yesterday and spent the day in the field. Kimberlite Candy and Interconnected jumped 12 fences nicely. All the others had another tick over day. Many of our horses have plenty of runs under their belts and I am not one for constantly galloping them at home once they are race fit.  


David Kellett was her to see his horses, Thomas Patrick and He’s a Goer canter around the sand.


There is always something to do to improve the yard and the next project is to tarmac the yard. In the winter months we need rubber boots and in the summer the dust blows. This afternoon, a very dodgy local builder (project manager) came to inspect the site and will hopefully return tomorrow with a far more pleasant sort of chap who knows what he’s on about.


On a much more serious and very sad note, the suicide of Richard Woollacott shocked the racing community earlier this week. Those closest to him have set up a fund raising page for 3 charities. I think metal health issues are very complex and there appears to be a lack of knowledge of it within the medical professionals. If we can do anything to increase the understanding of a very complex illness and encourage suffers to speak up and seek help before it is too late then every penny donated will be given to a very worthy cause. I can’t believe there will be a racing fan in the country shouting for any other horse than Beer Goggles at Cheltenham tomorrow.