26th January 2016

26-January-2016 17:26
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by Admin

Tonight's blog will be a short one. I'm doing it on my phone on the way home from Wetherby and this is my 3rd attempt as I keep losing 3G. I'm not driving!

I am not one to make excuses for horses running disappointingly but tonight I am going to. We are going through that dreadful drying ground scenario and its causing some disappointing performances. Both horses got stuck in the mud today, not a spec of dirt on Alchemy colours and I'm reliably informed the same applies to Rebekah's. Is it time for race courses to use a going description such as Holding - I think so. Today's runners are both fillies and they are entitled to struggle on it more so than the geldings. They will both be given the time they need before running again.

We have an additional passenger in the trailer, a horse named Furiously Fast. We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to try him over hurdles. He has come from Richard Fahey's and looks incredibly well. Finger crossed he takes to hurdles and can win us a race or 3. He has schooled and on the video I've seen looks very natural.