25th October 2019

25-October-2019 16:47
in General
by Admin

This morning we worked, Lossiemouth, Christopher Robin, Flashing Glance, Tea Clipper, Vado Forte, Hunting Percival, You Name Him, Outlaw Jesse James, Polydora, Coningsby, Kimberlite Candy, Unohu, Quick Draw, Fair Kate, Kateson, By Order Of, Red Nika, Gold Clermont, Le Grand Fromage, Saint Arvans, Lamanver Storm, Sir Egbert, Dorking Cock, Dorking Boy and Miss Mondito. All seem in good order. A few three year olds jumped twelve fences. The added bonus was we got it all done before the heavens opened, it has certainly been a wet afternoon and the hatches have been battened down for further wind and rain this evening. 


Andrew Carter was here to enjoy a morning watching some horses go about their business, Guy Roberts was chaperone as I was on horse back. Richard Patrick and Alan Johns were in to give us a hand. Betty came back to see us and ride a few, I think she came for Thomas Patrick more so than anyone else.