25th July 2017

25-July-2017 19:47
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A few changes to the racing calendar have been announced today some better than others -  Fantastic news in that 9.7 million of levy is set to be targeted at the mid to lower tiers. Jump meetings have been reduced by 3. Across the board we’ve got an increase of 30 evening meeting. This is another clear message that the powers that be think only of the general public and not of the horses or those working within the industry. Evening racing is tough on those involved and in my experience owners aren’t in love with it either. Last season, late one evening we were leading our horse into the paddock for the bumper on a Jockey Club racecourse only for a band to start playing, it wasn’t the type of band you may hear at a village fete either. This type of behavior shows complete contempt for the horses and lack of respect towards those paying the bills and those who’s lives depend on a result based business. If those running our industry believe that the people attending stag and hen parties will convert into avid racing fans I think they are deluded.

All the babies have started loose schooling all of which seem natural jumpers. Amadoue, David John and Silk Run worked on the woodchip this morning, Amadoue may head to Worcester next week, David John has entries at Perth and Bangor and we will soon be looking for a race for Silk Run. I have spotted the ideal race for her but it is a long way from home. The road to Perth may become all too familiar.


The vibrating floor system has been going in all day, it looks as if the installation may run into the night, it isn’t the normal installation as we are putting it in its own surround. We don’t want to sacrifice a stable.

School holidays, Panda loves me!