25th July 2016

25-July-2016 18:30
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My season at the cease has been somewhat forgettable. On Sunday I ran myself out with a run to nothing having been dispatched to face the last ball. I danced up the wicket hoping to hit the ball back over the bowlers head only to trip on my pads stumbling like a man on Spice completely missing the ball. The ball hit my pads and we ran for a leg by but I failed to get back for the 2nd. It’s always nice to win the local derby, the landlord hit a ton giving us just enough runs for a marginal victory. I softened up a few of the early batsman for the skipper who bowled nicely and intimidated the umpire to such a point he dare not reject any further appeals for LBW’s. His fielding, however, resembles my batting. Sholto would have caught the catch he dropped this week off his son’s bowling!

A few of the horses had Monday morning fever this morning, Charlie got buried twice, a lovely 3-year-old by Gold Well went into buckaroo mode and send him head first into the woodchip. Charlie has been off injured for sometime now and needs to work on his fitness. A little jog to the top of the woodchip did him no harm at all. He was sent flying later in the morning off Mrs Newell’s Sulamani filly who to date hadn’t put a foot out of place. To cap off his morning he got an electric shock off the walker!

Bells On Sunday’s half brother won the best in show at Bangor’s foal show yesterday. A fantastic result for Mrs Newell.