25th May 2021

25-May-2021 6:34
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by Admin

Typical Monday morning canters for those in training yesterday, Teescomponentslass and Fox’s Socks schooled over hurldes. The horses are getting lighter on the ground around here, those in the field will be wanting this weather to change. San Augstin will now get a nice break as will King Ferdinand. Both horses seem in good order after running at Stratford.


This morning we worked Sinndarella, I’m On Snap, Yes No Maybe So, Black Anthem and Kishorn. Sebastopol, Neville’s Cross, Hunting Percival and Competition warmed up on the sand and swung through on the woodchip.


SykSports are airing a feature on diversity in racing this morning, if you miss it or care to tune in no doubt it will be on repeat numerous time. George Floyd’s name is being used, quite what he has to do with diversity in racing I’m unsure. Sean Leavy a Group 1 winning jockey was apprentice jockey to a certain Aiden O’Brien, his mother is from Africa, I employed his brother Declan, I gave Declan his first winner in a p2p. There is no race issue within our industry and those who continue to shout about the fact there is are suffering with a victim mentality. I accept that racing must be seen as an all inclusive sport and needs to publicize the fact that it is but in doing so there is just too much virtue signaling.


Teescomponentslass heads to Bangor today, to read my thoughts click here.