25th April 2016

25-April-2016 19:12
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Today has certainly been one of those days. We’ve had farrier’s, dentist, vets, a man fitting a new broadband system and builders sorting out our walk in fridge. The fridge is brilliant but too big. Sophie is halving it and making the other half a larder. The broadband started to go in last week, it failed and they set about rigging another system up yesterday. They were back today and have it working, if it continues to work as it is now our lives will be transformed in that department. It hasn’t been smooth and luckily I’m a tolerant man. It is incredible given we’ve gone from 1.9GB to over 20GB. I think GB’s govern the speed, if not you’ll get the jist of the improved in speed.

Has anyone ever had a good experience in a mobile phone shop? 2 years ago I went to 02 (a painful experience) from Orange, Orange didn’t work too well in Herefordshire. 02 are great for phone signal but no 3G or 4G coverage. Vodafone, in Herefordshire works on 3G, 4G and phone. Yesterday I spent 2 hours in the shop having Sophie email me every document in my office as I had not taken sufficient documentation. My passport and company number weren’t considered enough. At the end of 2 hours and a lot of stress I was told that the business centre of Vodafone didn’t open on a Sunday and I would have to return tomorrow, 2 hours wasted! No it wasn’t completely wasted as I was reliably informed all I would have to do today was return and sign the paper work that would be waiting on the girl’s desk. I returned today at 3 p.m but still had to wait for an hour for them to assign a temporary phone number to me and produce paper work for signing. As aforementioned, I am a tolerant man. Should they so wish, they have enough information about me to clear my overdraft and travel the globe as Tom Lacey.  

This morning the horses had typical Monday morning canters, Lamanver Odyssey furthered her education schooling over hurdles in the school, tomorrow she will go down on to the schooling strip. Furiously Fast may well head to Sedgfield on Thursday to run in the maiden hurdle, otherwise, it is a relatively quiet week on the racing front until the weekend. We will be at Woodford on Saturday and Cold Harbour on Sunday.