25th March 2020

25-March-2020 17:04
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by Admin

There are few positives in the current situation but today I have realized several. Waitrose have started to operate a one in one out policy. The sun is shining and I have realized I have been self isolating since 2002. 


Sophie's shopping experience was somewhat more pleasurable than it was this time last week when she was attacked and accused of stock piling. Kids eat a lot of food, especially 13-year-old boys who can demolish all but a loaf of bread in one sitting, shortly followed by all the fruit that was going into a fruit salad. 


This silent killer can’t survive in sunlight so any surfaces exposed to the sunlight will surely become considerably safer. 


I don’t have to make any effort to see anyone, nor can Sophie arrange any unwelcome surprises on Saturday as it is my 50thbirthday. 


There are always positives in every situation, sometimes you just have to look a bit harder to find them.