25th March 2019

25-March-2019 18:56
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by Admin

It was a relief to get back in the winner’s enclosure again yesterday. This can be a difficult time of year; horses have been on the go plenty long enough which inevitably can lead to a disappointing runs. Coningsby is fine this morning. The theme continues with no rain is on the horizon. The chances of getting him out under a penalty look slim given the weather. No doubt, given the winning margin, the handicapper will crucify him. I believe there should be a ceiling for ratings at anyone time. The number of horses handicapped beyond their capabilities on the back of one win is too great. I’m sure Coningsby will now be joining Polydora on that list. In my experience, they go up in 10’s or 12’s and down in 1’s or 2’s if your lucky. 


Typical Monday morning canters for the horses. By Order of, Espinator and Silk Run jumped six hurdles. Two lorry loads of sand arrived to top up the sand gallop, one of which I have managed to spread. 


By Order of makes his debut tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here