25th March 2016

25-March-2016 17:48
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by Admin

What beautiful spring day. The morning chorus is something I always enjoy; it is nearly in full song.

We schooled Pinnacle Peter, Furiously Fast, Polydora, Adeenne Des Sevres, Very Intense, Legal Exit, Bogarius, and Cuirassier Dempire.  All jumped beautifully, Tommie, Zac and Sam did the steering. I took videos and pictures. The videos are just too painful to upload with our current internet speed. The other horses all cantered around the sand or up the woodchip. Geoff and Norma were here to see Diamond Joel and Cracker. Diamond Joel will be pre-trained before heading to Mick Channon’s to try is hand at some staying flat races. Cracker will either join him later in the year or go back out to grass.  

I have the perfect place to build a natural water walk through. Today, I got an estimate for the costs, I think it will have to wait another year unless something extraordinary happens.

We are waiting on what rain arrives before deciding next weeks running plans. Most horses have options. Tomorrow is The Ledbury Hunt p2p, always a good day out. Do come along if your looking for some entertainment.