25th February 2020

25-February-2020 16:46
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by Admin

This morning we worked, Le Grand Fromage, Dorking Cock, Glory and Fortune, You Name Him, Polydora, Quick Draw, Hunting Percival, Dorking Rogue and some unnamed four year olds.  They all seem in good order. The majority of the other horses had quiet canters around the sand and up the hill.


This afternoon I popped to get a set of hind shoes on my car only to be told I needed fronts too 14,000 miles since November and now £500 lighter. To add insult to injury, both my neighbours were in the tyre shop and one decided to reverse into my car when leaving. The pot holes in our roads are causing mayhem, reportedly twelve cars drove in one after the other on Monday morning all having hit the pot hole outside Morrisons. 


Prior to going to the tyre shop I watched the first race from Catterick, if anyone ever hears me saying “look” or “listen” when I’m being interviewed on television you have full permission to slap me when you see me next. No one can train like Aidan O’Brien so no one should attempt to speak like him. Although, I’m not sure he’s a “look” fan but more of a “listen” fan. I remember Richard Hannon junior pulling up Olly Bell on television last summer for saying “listen” before wishing him good luck in the forthcoming race.


Coningsby heads to Market Rasen tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here