24th December 2016

24-December-2016 18:34
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by Admin

Christmas should be removed form the calendar – this house is crazy but thankfully, I’ve not set foot in it all day and still need to harrow the gallops for the horses being exercised tomorrow.  

This morning all horses had canters, nothing too serious for those that worked in the week. Triopas, Chase End Charlie and Hagstone jumped a few flights of hurdles. You may note the very stylish jockey below.




George Snell was here to see Sophie and sort out The Flame hunt cert, our other 3 – 4 years old won’t be ready before the end of January early February.

To add to my stress levels around this festive period, I received notice that our farm payment has been rejected. The rural payments agency can’t even be bother to let me know why, they think a letter stating it is rejected is sufficient.

Oh, Happy Christmas to one and all. Wake me up when it is all over and we can get back to normality.