23rd November 2015

23-November-2015 17:24
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by Admin

Am I sick of 2nd place or what, my last 3 runners have been second which  makes 4 seconds and 1 winner out of the last five runners. If only they had all been winners we would have been on the hot list!

Rebekha Rabbit did as predicted and ran her race to the best of her ability, she has overcome more problems than most and I was delighted for her. Joe gave her a lovely ride, she settled and jumped for him. Joe is the first to admit he needs to work on his strength and finishing technique. He is being coached by Carl Llewellyn and will get there if he wants it bad enough. I'm sure he will get a good seasons pointing under his belt and progress from there. It was incredibly kind of Mr and Mrs Wills to give him the chance of a ride. Joe does a lot of the schooling here and I was very pleased for him yesterday. Rebekha seems fine this morning and we will try and find her another similar contest in a few weeks time. I will not go into the handicap situation but fear her chance of winning will get even harder once her handicap mark is reassed Tuesday week. She isn't the type of horse to run back quickly so we will have to wait and see what he does - Mr Handicapper, if your reading this please be considerate and bear in mind the aforementioned. 

This morning most horses had quiet Monday morning canters up the woodchip. We schooled Singlefarmpayment, Kelsey, Pinnacle Panda and Adeende Des Sevres. The vet was here carry out a few routine examinations after which, I went hunting with Tilly. We had a rather boring day in the freezing cold and I've just about thawed out. I now have a heap of paper work to get on with including sorting out the hunt certs for the pointers heading to Larkhill on 13th December. 

Yesterdays visit to Uttoxeter reminded me it was getting to that time of year when all car journeys will have to be spent in silence for fear of hearing those dreadful Christmas songs repeatedly being played on the radio.