23 October 2020

23-October-2020 17:13
in General
by Admin

A beautiful autumnal morning, the horses put in hard yards around the sand, those coming out of races had quiet canters either on the sand or up the hill. 


San Agustin, Quick Draw and Capac all seem in good shape this morning. Scipion and Algesiras jumped fences on the grass. 


This afternoon, I went for lunch with my godfather who has a share in Pirate of the Sea. Pirate could be making his debut at Uttoxeter on Wednesday. Given the sun is high in the sky and belting out its rays this ground will soon be drying out again. 


I have voiced my thoughts on the jockeys 6lb allowance during Covid, they were given 6lbs as the sauna are not in use. I find it hard to believe that any jockey today sheds 6lbs in a sauna. They have never had such guidance with nutrition and fitness and to have horses carrying 12 stone 7lbs seems ridiculous to me. Jockeys are fitter and better prepared than they have ever been, 2lb would have been sufficient in my mind and is yet another example of how far out of touch those with authority are with what happens at the coal face. Many trainers agree with me as do many jockeys. 



Neville’s Cross heads to Cheltenham tomorrow, to read my thoughts click here.